Our vision is to maintain our leading position in the industry and to continue to be the leaders in the latest engineering and industrial technologies and equipment.

At Unique Engineering and Industrial Suppliers, our key objective is to provide and deliver an exceptional job for an excellent price. We value the fact that we are able to give our customers the perfect product with the experience that matches our high-value clients.

Through continuous training, the upgrading of our equipment, well trained staff and keeping up with the technology trends, we hope to stay ahead of our opposition.

At Unique Engineering and Industrial Suppliers, sustainability means securing the company’s long-term success while at the same time protecting the natural resources on which our future generations are depending on. Ecology is thus a driver of innovation. At the same time, we demonstrate a particularly high level of corporate social responsibility, both within the company and beyond.

Unique Engineering and Industrial Suppliers Code of Ethics requires all directors and employees to be committed to fair dealing, honesty and integrity in the conduct of its business. The Code of Ethics has been actively endorsed by the directors and all employees. The Code is designed to raise ethical awareness, act as a guide in day-to-day decisions and to assure customers and other stakeholders of the company’s commitment to ethical behave.